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Induction Systems for Forging & Heat Treating Applications

Since 1976, through aggressive leadership, team work and dedication, Tucker Induction Systems has provided world class excellence in quality induction tooling, service and delivery in the Induction Heating Coil Industry. Whether it be quench & bus bars, forging coilstempering equipment, or transformer repairs Michigan, Tucker Induction Systems has proudly served the induction heating coil industry for over 40 years! Put our experience and expertise to work for you or your business with the best in induction equipment and services. 

The Leading Induction Specialists

We are the number one choice for design and manufacturing of industrial heating equipment and tooling, our goal has been for customers to recognize Tucker as the number "one" in the industry providing a quality service from design and build of new tooling, bars, and coils to the rebuilding of existing tooling and tempering equipment. You can trust the dedicated professionals at Tucker Induction Systems, Inc. to provide the very best in everything related to induction heating Michigan. 

Why Industry Leaders Choose Induction Heating

Leading manufacturers across multiple markets choose induction heating over convection, radiant, or open flame heating for several different reasons. First, induction heating provides excellent consistency with predictable heating patterns. In fact, with a properly installed and calibrated system (that utilizes high-quality induction equipment), users never need to make guesses about temperatures and can expect uniform results.

Because of this consistency, you are more likely to achieve maximum productivity with fewer quality issues. Induction heating also involves a clean and non-polluting process. It does not require the burning of fossil fuels or produce noxious emissions, smoke, or even loud noise. For these reasons, induction annealing or induction brazing is better for both the environment and your workspace. 

Innovation in Induction Forging Michigan

Tucker has developed an enviable reputation as the "problem solver" in the induction heating industry and is well known as an innovative designer of the industries' first interchangeable quick-change coil for two turns induction systems and single-shot designs with accurate clamping pressure. See the difference for yourself when you need engineered solutions with induction tooling and induction tempering. 

Trust Tucker Induction Systems for Quality Induction Equipment

Our dedicated team has over 200 years of combined experience in the design and manufacturing of industrial heating equipment and tooling. We're proud of the fact that our coil designs have changed the industry, and we're happy to bring our innovations and expertise to our clients. We appreciate your business, and we'll always go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. 

We're proud to be a Michigan based leader supplying the USA with Induction Tooling Systems.

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